Building a green industry chain, the door industry needs to accelerate resource integration

Update:04 Aug 2019

The development direction of future door industry enter […]

The development direction of future door industry enterprises must be green and environmental protection to implement the entire raw material chain. In the context of the new economic normal, the high-speed development period of the door industry has ended, and the extensive development of the door industry has been difficult to sustain. It is the best choice for the door industry to “break out” by branding and establishing a safe and environmentally friendly quality. To ensure the environmental protection of products, door enterprises need to achieve clean production and green procurement at the same time.

In this regard, the industry believes that green environmental protection is the only way for the development of door industry enterprises, and door industry enterprises should improve their competitiveness and technology level through research and development and resource integration. Compared with independent research and development, more people in the industry can better see the path of resource integration. Because a company's goods and services are too single, it is easy to lose in the market competition. At the same time, if companies rely on their own expansion of products to increase services, it will bring huge management pressure and financial challenges. Therefore, resource integration of multiple companies is a more economical and feasible way. For example, in the same store, add more products that can be sold, thereby increasing the store's turnover. The specialized division of labor in the context of integration is the right direction for the road to green development.

In the past two years, more and more door industry enterprises have begun to take automated production routes, and have also accelerated the speed of the “machine substitution” of the door industry. In an effort to get rid of the traditional image of “three highs and one low” and labor-intensive industries, and to transform into a new high-efficiency, high-tech industry, the door industry enterprises are increasingly demanding automation and intelligence of production equipment, traditional and low-end. The machinery will gradually be eliminated. And this is also the link that the door industry enterprises must experience to build a green industry chain.