Chunhua Qiu Shizhen's 10th Zhengzhou Custom Home & Door Industry Exhibition (Autumn Exhibition) is about to open

Update:04 Aug 2019

Contemporaneous activities complement each other to exp […]

Contemporaneous activities complement each other to explore new developments in the industry

The exhibition will create a wonderful journey for the audience. Compared with the previous ones, the activities of this exhibition are more diverse and more diverse.

Activity 1 Awards and Recognition

In order to commend the leading companies that have led the industry and achieved outstanding achievements, the organizers will conduct selection activities for exhibitors in the same period of the exhibition, and set up the “Best Booth Design Award”, “Best Popularity Award” and “Top Ten Product Award”. Awards and awards ceremony provide an opportunity for companies to enhance brand awareness, enhance competitiveness and influence.

Activity 2 Dealer's lecture hall

The exhibition will invite famous experts and scholars from the industry to hold the “Distributor Lecture Hall”. In response to various environmental pressures such as rising costs and e-commerce shocks faced by dealer groups, the channel changes, performance growth, marketing, and Production management and other industries pain points to teach practical courses, export industry's advanced experience and excellent cases, share the most forward-looking trends and insights, common insights, and find a way out.

Activity 3 “Visit the passport and punch the card to win the big gift”

In order to create the best exhibition effect for the exhibitors and quickly spread the influence of the corporate brand, during the exhibition, the audience will visit the exhibition site, as long as they are in the “Visit the Passport to win the big gift” punch card to any of the regulations set by the organizing committee. The way to publicize the exhibitors, collect all the seals in the passport to get a gift.

Focusing on the development of the industry and extending the functions of the exhibition, this exhibition is dedicated to creating a multi-dimensional business information platform. Through communication and interaction, the industry can understand more industry development trends and enhance the value of the exhibition.

Accurate investment, quality buyers are eager to sign up for a visit

The trade matching service of this exhibition has been further upgraded, which fully meets the two-way demand of exhibitors to expand the Midwest market and domestic buyers' purchases, and strives to make efforts for buyers to invite and improve the quality of buyers.

In the past few days, the exhibition investment team has gone to Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui and other provinces and cities to carry out local propaganda, to invite professional visitors to one-on-one invitations, and to lock up high-end procurement groups to increase invitations, and strive to be a corporate brand. The creation and expansion of investment channels provide quality and efficient services.

Up to now, more than 30,000 people have visited the pre-registration WeChat platform. In addition to professional buyers such as dealers and agents, there are also many design agencies, engineering units and real estate companies to make appointments, designers and buildings. The number of scheduled visits to the construction unit has increased.

At the same time, during the exhibition, the organizing committee will still provide the “free through train” service to the audience. The city and county with a radius of 500 kilometers within the radius of Zhengzhou will provide free shuttle service to and from the departure place and Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is expected that the exhibition will receive 60,000 visitors from all over the world in three days. It is foreseeable that this autumn exhibition will create more business opportunities!

Focus on the details

After the "Face Recognition" exhibition in the spring of 2019, the audience won great acclaim. This autumn exhibition continued to launch the "Face Recognition Pre-registration System" and implemented the "Brushing Face" exhibition. The audience registered in advance and quickly entered. field. If you have a plan to visit, please register quickly and experience the smart viewing experience.

In addition, the organizing committee also set up functional areas such as business docking area and VIP rest area in various areas of the exhibition hall to provide a comfortable business atmosphere for the majority of merchants, and to promote the business matching and improve the participation effect.

In this exhibition, no matter in the number and quality of exhibitors, or in the invitation of professional visitors, exhibition services, marketing, etc., it will achieve a new leap and present more exciting. I believe exhibitors, buyers and spectators will all be worthwhile. !

On August 22-24, 2019, the 10th Zhengzhou Custom Home & Door Industry Exhibition (Autumn Exhibition) is looking forward to working with you to achieve win-win situation and continue to be brilliant!