Technical features of the medical door:
1. Design basis:
GB18584-2001 "Limited Quantity of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials"
GB/T16730 "Classification and Detection Methods for Air Acoustic Sound Insulation of Building Doors"
GB/T16729-1997 "Classification and testing methods for insulation performance of external doors"
2, with good sound insulation, sealing, insulation effect, quiet design to ensure the quietness of the door.
3, sound insulation effect Rw = 34dB for the IV level, 35dB> Rw ≥ 30dB.
4. K=2.5 (W/m2-k) is class II.
5. German-style ward door: The door leaf is made of high-quality steel, filled with green and environmentally friendly materials, the door frame is made of steel plate, and the sealing strip is embedded inside; the surface is electrostatic powder coating or PVC coated steel plate.

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The medical door produced by Qianheng Door Industry adopts the special design of the frame and the color. Through different color matching schemes, the door and the wall, the corridor and the overall environment reflect each other to form a unified visual experience and enhance the integrity of the channel environment.

Qianheng Medical has a wide-width single door with an internationally advanced design concept. The standard sub-mother door is adjusted to a large single-sleeve design, which is to update the opening of the original two-door door into a large single-segment design. It can greatly improve the overall net passing size of the door opening, improve the passing rate, and facilitate the passage of standard and large bed bodies and surgical carts. Through this design, the pass rate is increased, the aesthetics is increased, and the international demand for modern hospital construction is met.