Technical features of medical door:
1. Design basis:
Gb18584-2001 "limits on harmful substances in wood furniture of interior decoration materials"
GB/T16730 classification and testing method for acoustic insulation performance of building doors
GB/ t16729-1997 insulation performance classification and testing methods for building outer doors
2, with good sound insulation, sealing, insulation effect, quiet design to ensure the door quiet.
3, sound insulation effect Rw = 34 db to Ⅳ 35 db > Rw acuity 30 db.
4, K = 2.5 (W/m2 - K) for Ⅱ level.
5. Door of German ward: the door is made of high-quality steel, filled with green environmental protection materials, the door frame is made of steel plate, with sealing strips inside; Surface electrostatic powder spray or PVC coated steel plate.

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Qianheng door industry production of medical doors, the use of board and frame different color design, through different color scheme, so that the door and walls, corridors and the overall environment reflect each other, form a unified visual experience, enhance the integrity of the channel environment.

Qian heng door wide single-door for medical use, USES the international advanced design idea, the standard lash adjustment for the big door design, is the original need two doors of the mouth of the cave, update into large single gate design, the modification can greatly improve the overall net was through size, improve the passing rate, convenient cart through standard and large bed body and surgery. Through this design, the passing rate is improved and the aesthetic quality is increased, which is in line with the international demand of modern hospital construction.