• Transport

    Standardized unified logistics and distribution management ensure the timely, fast, and safe delivery of products.

  • Service

    With a professional after-sales and installation team, customers can enjoy more professional after-sales and installation services.

  • Output

    In the era of Industry 4.0, the annual production capacity of 100,000 finished security doors guarantees worry-free sales!

  • Category

    Product production is specialized, and product categories are rich.

  • Quality

    From the selection of materials to the use of materials, the use of green ecological materials, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free, accompanies the family to live a healthy life every day!

  • Price

    The factory is located in Shenyang, with obvious geographical advantages. The factory provides direct supply, reduces intermediate links, and enjoys a price advantage.

  • customize

    He is good at private customization services and has an excellent team of product designers. The product design style combines the current popular elements and the actual needs of customers.